Make a Start to Succeed-Never Give up



We might come across different scenarios of life, but we feel heartbroken when we come to know that we still need to work hard on things which we pretending that we are proclivity in it .

First of all, we need to understand that, there is no border for learning it’s widespread and heterogeneous with infinite things within it.

We most of our humans are prejudice in their own actions. they are malleable by the society, for them independence is still a great dream. if society pretends him to be at a certain position then he starts to work on it.


It’s a kind of mandate, succeeding on it just give a pleasure for a while. On reading it some will placate it’s a kind of Maudlin and a duty for their beloved ones . According to me, it’s mendacious, one should be abet and mavericks in their goals not on prejudice.

It’s become a circle of status some might think it’s a not such a Matter to think about it, but if we took a deep horizon we will come to know that our way of parenting too a kind of prejudice only.

Foreign parenting style aggregately different from our Indian Parenting style .

Make a life by your own ,don’t depend on us –  foreign Parents

Just do What we are saying it’s good for your life – Indian parents


On testimonial by having above articulation never conclude that I’m in anxiety about how I parented but holy moly partially a kind of my agony.

if you are the one who still blaming our Indian monarchy for bribing and for all curse, have one one thing don’t wait for the change be the change that you want !! it’s too part of our parenting .

Acceding that we might Gazed lot of Motivational writes from prominent philosophers , questioning that how many get motivated and followed it entirely?

A long silence !!! Answer is great no, Only positive attitude minded people will go through those motivational words because of their forbearance and incisive. Low esteemed people can’t get those lines, for those, it’s just a line without a soul in it.

We passing a day along with lot of boisterous dreams, camaraderie relationships a single train journey make us meet a wide diversity of peoples in our life ,there we come to know our living circle is diminutive .if we give talk our co-passenger in our journey we will come to know everyone has their own dream and have the aim to achieve it .


Until they make a start towards their dreams it would like to be a mirage , we might think soon we will achieve it but it like catching our own shadow. as long as we go wit will come with us only.

Getting strong towards our goal or passion is not a facile one, Must go through some hard steps for the victory. As per my knowledge to become an eminent writer , he should study a lot of books in his arena that makes him know how to astute his words.

On reading this blog some think nothing is new in it , but I made it for my sanctification to share my views about life .Today’s struggle will make us strength tomorrow.


                            Real happiness lies in self-satisfaction 

Don’t make the life Hectic by comparing with others standard of lives. If one come to know that he still need to work on his arena , start to work on it without giving up. One day he will shine like the sun .

Never Giving up and making an initial start towards our passion and goal is the only way to succeed in one’s life. our jobs are just to fill our pockets but passion gives adventure in our life.

                                                  Thank you !! All The Best  !!








  1. Yes.
    If everyone is follows their passion,this would be more productive and most happiest world.
    And yes,our parenting way needs correction in certain aspects,doesn’t mean i agree with the foreigners way.

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