Journey Started towards Ahmadabad !!

A Solipsistic Companion – A journey towards fortitude passion -Part 1 

“After a long time getting into a Second class compartment in Train,” said a fat lady who makes her seat opposite to me.

Nithin, Hurry up !!! come fast and switch on the fans” again her weird voice interpreted me, will this person won’t allow me to concentrate on my “Like the flowing river”- Epic epistolary book of Paulo Coelho’s.

On superfluousness annoyance, by making eyebrows inward slanting have brought the two ends of the book together!! on occasion of ennui, read the front cover of the book stated “Thoughts and Reflections” of an author.

After a Gasp!!! prepossessing to myself “sorry Mr.paulo your best book is with me for past seven months but am completed it partial till now,your reflection faced a debacle in front of the affluent lady’s reflection who is all set to make her frenetic train journey in second class compartment that too after a long time, my mouth twisted into a side placement creating a crease in the cheek.

when my retina made a glance at her, found her CCTV camera recording all my unorthodox activities which are proclivity from her eyes.

Her head Procured with conspiracy theories about me, still, her rancid gazing continues towards me and it is egregious, need to elude from this situation.

Said to me “Only shy person knows, how awkward he will be when he surrounded by the tribe of people and that too situation won’t pliable to his/her” Simply an India things.

To acknowledge her made an affable fake smile with acclaiming eyebrows up, unquestionably she will found my fake smile which we used to give during smiling for the camera along with our amigos.

This Situation brought the memories of one my stranger turn well-wisher, who used to show her thirty-two teeth whenever she made ingenuous smile, She is jubilant with lucid character.

we both mean to amalgamate in our training days, I used to say “Prasanthi Valluri your smiling is conformist with the cow which used to show the luminous teeth in happydent advertisement”

“Wow, not so funny!! ok” she replied with twisting her mouth towards the right.

She is fortuitous to get Chennai as her base location but me, after Diwali leave getting back to Ahmadabad with ecstatic memories.

“will you open the window shatter please, suffocating” asked the affluent lady.

yeah, just a minute ! said to her and raised the window shatter.

“Thanks” she replied with a sarcastic smile.

“It is here!! just a minute” a person came towards me and switched on the fan poles which is near to the window.

“Nithin, after two decades we are making into the second class compartment in the train,” said the affluent lady by effacing her sweating off, which makes me egregious.

“yep!! but it not so garish” Nithin accentuate it with the curve of his lips.

“Howdy, the young man I’m Nithin and This is my wife, Mrs.Yasomati Nithin, Queen of my Castle ” Nithin Inaugurated about himself and her affluent lady with a firm handshake.

Greetings Mr.Nithin, I’m Dhinesh, replied to him by conceding his handshake.

Mr, Nithin groomed impeccably with casual clothes which are suitable for wearing in informal situations and his wife derivative antithesis to him dressing, he looks around forty-six in number.

Advika-Solipsistic Companion

During the last journey, divine Advika with me, She is a sculpted figure sat well oh her wafer –thin, her dressing is an impeccable, ochreous hue and her hair was kohl-black, set of dazzling, angel-white teeth gleamed as she blew gently on her carmine-red fingernails.

Blossom soft saccharine sweet lips, with her cheerful personality.

Pondering that need to integral the entire journey by having the memories of the Empress “A Solipsistic companion” have to concoct the story which happens between us in Chennai.

(Mrs.Yasomati Nithin staring at me, though I didn’t acknowledge her)

Hi, Auntie!! it’s nice to meet you, inaugurated her with paying condolence for her second class train journey.

Able to corroborate that her eyebrows pulled down together, Brown eyes opening widely and her lips wide open to form a rectangle!!

She asked with pink face “Do I look like auntie”

(Train started to move by releasing its inertia)

-The journey for Advika Started (series of stories)


  1. Soo nice Dinesh.. the way you explained is awesome.. the words you used, Everything looking good.. I can see you as a future great writer..:)

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