Rohingya Muslims- Bangladesh the Mother Asylum – Kashmir Azadi.

Could you able to imagine that you and your family being nomadic, who finds themselves changing their places for impeccable shelter and ended with failure!

A cluster of people who finds difficulty in making joyful breath! in the position can’t able to predict “what will happen next”, “let forgot us, at least our children need to lead an ecstatic life” are the wistful amenable of the Rohingya Muslims parents.

The great Rohingya Muslims at present fleeling from Myanmar (formerly known as Burma under British rule) to Bangladesh and small scale of people to India via West Bengal.


 They are not anarchists, they are just part of Rakhine state in Myanmar, they never asked for Independence. But they are being killed since world war-II.

Cognition is manifest the term “Genocide”, Cumulative in killing triggered up and alarmed the United Nation to wake up!

Fleeing rate of people increased from post-August,2017, Record said “After the military operations against Rohingya villages have been intense and cruel, then the minority’s defenders have warned of the genocide” Rest is making history now.

“They are not anarchists but they labelled defenders as terrorists “

Cursory on Rohingya :

UN Delineate the Rohingya Muslim as  “The world’s most persecuted minority” and they are the ethnic group just like Dravidian, Indo-Aryan ethnic groups of India. But anguish is they are dissipating leisurely without getting captivated by Humanity.

                                           UN Human Rights buffeted  this brutal act of Myanmar military to Rohingya Muslims as “Textbook Ethnic Cleansing”

This kind of deleterious act not only kill the ingenuous people, it will destroy the culture and identity of a certain group of people from earth.

Found nearly 1 Million Rohingya Muslims before the post may,2017 but now approximately only 1,20,000 people are displaced there. Rest of people are being fled to neighbour countries for shelter and they are stateless.

   Just Imagine how intractable it will be for a pregnant lady who carries her child in the womb, senior citizens and physically challenged people to walk through mountains, lakes and through rice fields to reach Bangladesh without even indigent medicine and food.

why this iniquity rose among the Buddhist?

Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace. said, Buddha.

But the quote is indomitable for those Buddhist in neither Myanmar and Sri Lanka. who kills lakhs of people in name of genocide.


Here it’s better to dovetail the latent Kashmir Azadi, The Jammu and Kashmir come under the autonomous state of India, Article 370 of the Indian constitution which gives special status and provision to the state.   

Here the majority people are Muslims, in short, while bifurcating the independent India from British. The ruler of Jammu and Kashmir dilated his decision to join either of countries. so people can’t able move to either India or Pakistan ended up with autonomous state privilege.

our ears come across the news, analogous like Kashmiris defend against India army – it’s the news what we heard but the reality is bitter. how many of us know the exact inure there !! Even the Indian flag hosting for independence day is not welcomed there.

our(India) obstination make Kashmiris be part of India, the privileges and permissions are officious for them. if you ask them merely 10% will like to be with India,  where 40%  agree for Azadi-Kashmir (Free Kashmir) rest 50% will show interest to join Pakistan it’s not because of religion. but Indian Army.

Why Indian Army?

Indian army violated human rights by killing the people in the valley, raped the women alone in the houses it all made the people daunt of Indian Army. Abstruse is Indian government knows and upholding the silence.

Kashmiris not hating Indians they just against wild things happening there. Hope soon they will found a solution or it.


Back to our topic, the similar situation faced by the Rohingya Muslims in their camp by Myanmar army.

Can’t able to find renowned person Aung San Suu Kyi who is the First state counsellor of Myanmar and one who accolade the Nobel peace prize laureate. she fought hard against Military force to leave Myanmar and succeed it in non-violence.  but now she is dumb, the source saying military not acquiescing here orders.

Only arcane knows the truth, whether it’s real or just political drama. But they tasting the innocent life of Rohingya Muslims.

They abducted their education and kept them as blind.most of those people never come across the chuckling, squealing and laughing for past some years, but habituated to bening with sobbing.

Asylum – Bangladesh.

Sheikh Hasina – Prime Minister of Bangladesh said to reporters

                                         “Yes, Bangladesh is poor and widely populated country, already existing people can’t able to find the place for the living !! we are not affluent country and we don’t have enough money and we won’t beg for money !! a flock of people from Rohingya being coming to Bangladesh, we can’t ask those people to return back to their own place, we can’t tolerate the children crying for food and shelter . still, a lakhs of people reach our country we will come them because we are large-hearted.” 

Her Empathy proved “The only mother understands what a child doesn’t say! ”

Heard Even in Bangladesh camp the Rohingya Muslims facing difficulties with the army, The Honourable prime minister should take necessary action against it.

She gained great respect among those refugees, she is the archetypal for other leaders even for Indians.

Dream of the philanthropist is to make the world peaceful place to live without religion, caste, creed and the human race.

Hoping for the best for those people in future!!





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