Religious iconoclast – Hindia or India ? Blasphemy of rotten potatoes.

                        Can’t be stoic on witnessing the religious iconoclast which is occurring in our union, being in the secular country we all do have the freedom of religion(Article 25) to practice and to follow. criticizing and foul speaking of any religion is the viable crime.

No matter either the god exists or not but when one thinks their belief is the ultimate way to attain the solitude, please don’t sacrilege their beliefs, whoever whether he/she is Hindu, Islam, Christian, Sikh, Jain or Buddhism etc.

Mahavir(Jainism) preached “Enlightenment through meditation and self-realization” but now a group of people worshipping and following him in name as Jain religion. Jain people found following him is the way to attain Jina.



                                 Especially in Tamil Nadu, the religious issue is now a hot potato, an ongoing issue about the Hindu mythological belief “Aandal” the veteran poet kavignar Vairamuthu speech which hurts the Hindus and gently he too pleased sorry for it, now it takes a gigantic structure against him with mixed emotions.


kavignar Vairamuthu

On the name of Dravidians, a few supporting him. As I mentioned previously “if you don’t believe in one thing let it be with yourself, no need to brand it or to contravene”. In my personal opinion, the so-called Atheist is biased to religions and structuring it as politics.

                            I accept that Hindu religion has a handful of practice, customs and a lot of superstitious beliefs and it does not come to practice a decade back which is followed by centuries ahead and I like to add the same to other religion also.

                            Religion came to practice to make the people follow the certain rules to stop the barbaric act but now witnessing the situation, afraid that the old barbaric situation may hit back our society and spoil our peace.

                              BJP national leader H.Raja who always used to put his nose into religious issues and digging one’s identity to show that he/she is Anti-Hindu motive is also a condemned offence. Like him, there is one head in all religion to break the peace by promoting the religious conversion and by means of love jihad.



                                  Contemporaneously accentuating that if one has alacrity to switch over the religion or by means enamoured by the soul to get married is euphoric and laudatory.

                                   The anguish that on witnessing the era, ask us to get back to the square one by giving the weapons in the hand and to make breath in religious riots.

                                    It is always pride that compared to north India, we south Indian people always chided for religious disunion. if the present situation persists in people in Tamil Nadu perhaps it might result in cleave of unity in the state.

                              Even the Hindu followers of Dravidian parties start to show they’re contravening to their leader’s statement which accolades and approbate the kavignar Vairamuthu statement. because the most of the followers don’t know their motto of the Dravidians party.

Tamilians are the one who united by means of culture, not by means of religions. we are united by Tamil and let it continue it forever. One Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat are more than enough for India.

Muslim bothers undergoing prayer in jalikattu protests late 2017 January

                          To culminate, Practising religion is one’s right in the secular country, no has right to criticize it and to stop it. whoever the ruler if he does something which enlights the growth of India let welcome him/her irrespective of religion.

All the above points are my own opinion, never meant to hurt anyone.

Wishing you all the “Happy Pongal”.

Unity in diversity.

Rohingya Muslims- Bangladesh the Mother Asylum – Kashmir Azadi.

Could you able to imagine that you and your family being nomadic, who finds themselves changing their places for impeccable shelter and ended with failure!

A cluster of people who finds difficulty in making joyful breath! in the position can’t able to predict “what will happen next”, “let forgot us, at least our children need to lead an ecstatic life” are the wistful amenable of the Rohingya Muslims parents.

The great Rohingya Muslims at present fleeling from Myanmar (formerly known as Burma under British rule) to Bangladesh and small scale of people to India via West Bengal.


 They are not anarchists, they are just part of Rakhine state in Myanmar, they never asked for Independence. But they are being killed since world war-II.

Cognition is manifest the term “Genocide”, Cumulative in killing triggered up and alarmed the United Nation to wake up!

Fleeing rate of people increased from post-August,2017, Record said “After the military operations against Rohingya villages have been intense and cruel, then the minority’s defenders have warned of the genocide” Rest is making history now.

“They are not anarchists but they labelled defenders as terrorists “

Cursory on Rohingya :

UN Delineate the Rohingya Muslim as  “The world’s most persecuted minority” and they are the ethnic group just like Dravidian, Indo-Aryan ethnic groups of India. But anguish is they are dissipating leisurely without getting captivated by Humanity.

                                           UN Human Rights buffeted  this brutal act of Myanmar military to Rohingya Muslims as “Textbook Ethnic Cleansing”

This kind of deleterious act not only kill the ingenuous people, it will destroy the culture and identity of a certain group of people from earth.

Found nearly 1 Million Rohingya Muslims before the post may,2017 but now approximately only 1,20,000 people are displaced there. Rest of people are being fled to neighbour countries for shelter and they are stateless.

   Just Imagine how intractable it will be for a pregnant lady who carries her child in the womb, senior citizens and physically challenged people to walk through mountains, lakes and through rice fields to reach Bangladesh without even indigent medicine and food.

why this iniquity rose among the Buddhist?

Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace. said, Buddha.

But the quote is indomitable for those Buddhist in neither Myanmar and Sri Lanka. who kills lakhs of people in name of genocide.


Here it’s better to dovetail the latent Kashmir Azadi, The Jammu and Kashmir come under the autonomous state of India, Article 370 of the Indian constitution which gives special status and provision to the state.   

Here the majority people are Muslims, in short, while bifurcating the independent India from British. The ruler of Jammu and Kashmir dilated his decision to join either of countries. so people can’t able move to either India or Pakistan ended up with autonomous state privilege.

our ears come across the news, analogous like Kashmiris defend against India army – it’s the news what we heard but the reality is bitter. how many of us know the exact inure there !! Even the Indian flag hosting for independence day is not welcomed there.

our(India) obstination make Kashmiris be part of India, the privileges and permissions are officious for them. if you ask them merely 10% will like to be with India,  where 40%  agree for Azadi-Kashmir (Free Kashmir) rest 50% will show interest to join Pakistan it’s not because of religion. but Indian Army.

Why Indian Army?

Indian army violated human rights by killing the people in the valley, raped the women alone in the houses it all made the people daunt of Indian Army. Abstruse is Indian government knows and upholding the silence.

Kashmiris not hating Indians they just against wild things happening there. Hope soon they will found a solution or it.


Back to our topic, the similar situation faced by the Rohingya Muslims in their camp by Myanmar army.

Can’t able to find renowned person Aung San Suu Kyi who is the First state counsellor of Myanmar and one who accolade the Nobel peace prize laureate. she fought hard against Military force to leave Myanmar and succeed it in non-violence.  but now she is dumb, the source saying military not acquiescing here orders.

Only arcane knows the truth, whether it’s real or just political drama. But they tasting the innocent life of Rohingya Muslims.

They abducted their education and kept them as blind.most of those people never come across the chuckling, squealing and laughing for past some years, but habituated to bening with sobbing.

Asylum – Bangladesh.

Sheikh Hasina – Prime Minister of Bangladesh said to reporters

                                         “Yes, Bangladesh is poor and widely populated country, already existing people can’t able to find the place for the living !! we are not affluent country and we don’t have enough money and we won’t beg for money !! a flock of people from Rohingya being coming to Bangladesh, we can’t ask those people to return back to their own place, we can’t tolerate the children crying for food and shelter . still, a lakhs of people reach our country we will come them because we are large-hearted.” 

Her Empathy proved “The only mother understands what a child doesn’t say! ”

Heard Even in Bangladesh camp the Rohingya Muslims facing difficulties with the army, The Honourable prime minister should take necessary action against it.

She gained great respect among those refugees, she is the archetypal for other leaders even for Indians.

Dream of the philanthropist is to make the world peaceful place to live without religion, caste, creed and the human race.

Hoping for the best for those people in future!!





Stand with Patriotism till end – The Story of elementary school Child

                              “Silence Please”, an elementary school teacher asked the students by beating the ruler against the desk.

                               On acquiescing it, children start to speak in a Husky voice with each other.

                               “It is the worst talkative class ever I been”  Teacher added the usual injunction to the class.

                                Children tried hard to maintain the silence, but the teacher advice is like “Cry over spilt milk” within five minutes children’s filled the space in the classroom with their fruity voice and honeyed laughs.

                                “Excuse sir, may I come in” a high pitched sound from office assistant hauled the attention of both the children’s and teacher.

                                 Children’s mind started to zealous with multifarious thoughts, students who waiting for the last bell with eagerness now started to engage in gossips. Whenever the office assistant came with circular it must bring either the gratification nor displease!

                                  Both the teacher and students cloying for pleasant news, eye balls of children’s follows the assistant with Acumen, they couldn’t take their eyes off from the circular.

                                   To acknowledge, Teacher paints a ray of sunshine all over his face in form of smile with a dimple in his cheek and get the circular from the assistant. Though he already knows the theme of circular.

                                   Garrulous children’s are now changed to dumb samaritans.

                                   The alacrity towards knowing about the hot potato in circular becomes perfunctory between children’s,

                                  “Class order  !!” said the teacher with his honeyed voice and continued “On the eve of celebrating our 71st Independence day !! school declared the holiday on Tuesday (15.08.2017).The principal will hoist the Indian flag on the school playing ground, the flag salutation will be followed by singing National Anthem. “  said the teacher by crinkling his corner of eyes.

                                 Students flabbergasted by hearing it, some exults in happiness.Boisterousness sound abducted the vacuum in the class room. Children exchanged the happiness with each other by doing  Hand gestures, to make the long story anecdote, Final bell for the day rang, children start to rush out to home with cloud nine.


                               “Hey Arjun, what makes you so happy today ?” a throaty voice questioned one child.

                               “School declared the holiday on eve of 71st Independence day which concocts the ecstatic between us ” Arjun replied to the bourgeois old man who running one diminutive petty shop near by school.

                                The deft old man goes around 68 in number with winter white hair and blood flecked eyes, he used to be ebullient in his character and amicable with the school children’s and so far he is eminent for his chronicle stories.

                                On acknowledging it old man emoted “According to this era, Independence day is just limited to the holiday, a simple flag hosting and song of patriotism even that too contemporaneous. Patriotism ends when salutation ends, Essence of being Independent, that last forever not only for one day”

                                 On Hearing it ingenious small boy replied “Still Everyone in this country being showing patriotism, I do and my friend showing  the love towards my mother country “

                                  Listening to it, the old man made a pithy smile and left the place.

                                  Finally, the awaited day comes. The clouds drifted across a clear blue sky and full of tumultuous, dark, ragged clouds.It is a grey morning with a dull sky threatening rain, Students assembled on the ground with pole plastic flags and wearing badges over their dresses to host the flag before it starts pouring.


                                   Punctilious Independence day started, The Principal of the elementary school hoisted the flag and gave the catalyzed independence day speech to the children’s, Flag hoisting came to culmination by distributing the sweets and candies.

                                   The old man with his customed routines in his shop, immensely studying the things happening on the ground.

                                  “School disperse,” ordered the student pupil leader.

                                  Arjun started searching for the old man to disprove him that, still the patriotism exists with everyone irrespective of other facts. but he couldn’t able to find him in his petty shop, after searching for a long time his eye gazed the old man in the very long distance.

                                    when he went near the old man, he shocked to see the old man taking the plastic pole flags from the garbage which are used by the students in independence day ceremony. He gently cleaned the plastic flags and safe guard it his bags.

                                    On witnessing it, Arjun tasted his own medicine when he turns around and took the horizon in the school area he found the plastic flag litters occupied everywhere. The old man words “Patriotism ends when salutation ends” starts revolving around his mind.


                                     Arjun without any hesitation started to pick the plastic pole flags in around the school, he gained the children’s attention by picking it.

                                      Arjun went to the old man and gave the plastic flags he found in and around the school and said “I never let down my county or country flag down” he stood erect and gave a salute to the old man.


                                      On seeing this, children understand their mistake and started to pick all the plastic flags lying down not only in school, everywhere!

                                      Long waited for black clouds, released the pouring rain !!

                                       The old man salutes him back with pride on his face.


Let make the Independence day more pride by keeping our city and surrounding clean – Happy 71st Independence day.

Don’t throw the Flags to the dustbin, respect it with pride.

Jai Hind!

Imbalance in Man Kind – Visionary Blog

why does time exist? can someone answer this question, we do amicable with time and doing all works on the time basis.Result from work will be Analgesic and some time Anguish.

why we can’t be good at all time? Why we can’t able appease all time?

Just try to get an answer for those questions but don’t try Google, even it can’t!

Imbalance!! Imbalance.

The word of imbalance – In our daily routine we can able to see a lot of people passing in our life, But don’t know how many of them imbalance with those people and you!!

imbalance and comparing the life with others.

We feel better when we stop comparing with others, but it is different from imbalance, some people: well and rich in economic, most of the people :good  and a lot are good in IQ.

We all breathing in and out in one earth but why can’t we have same status and reputation in society, there is accretion in our most of our lives inform of Skill, Knowledge, and Talent.

On taking acumen about Skill, Knowledge, and Talent they are the seminal in one personal growth where one exalt and criticised. Just take one painless paradigm, two little and young pulchritude children joining their play school together.

One young bud has deft to learn Rhymes and Alphabets in short span but another bud even after his/her peerless effort they can’t able to meet the Learning pace of another bud.

Here the one young bud starting the life with slow blossoms and it will be fetter with them irrespective of their assiduous in work.


If your acclaim with accosts like Genes, DNA, and ancestors for one’s capability then we need to ask the archetypal myth Adam and Eve for more pellucid.

LUCK – A Conspiracy Theory 

In addition to that, another one protagonist named “LUCK” playing a constituent role in our day to day life which is the consolation for a few here also, Luck too won’t be equity to everyone !! it has the potentate to make cosmopolitan to fail and give victory to irresolute.

Either the Optimistic or pessimistic the Game changer is LUCK.

In our day to day life, we come across a diversity of people and their routine and don’t know how many of ponder about them? did one has aloof time to prepossessing them? Most of us will terminate with ‘NO’.

I might be unintelligent or doltish to write about the unbalance in society, which is not your part of life but it sounds raucous.

Credulity that witnessing the crescendo of hapless people in and around us, when you kicking off the day by starting to school at the same time another one has to start the day for food in name of child labour.

Especially in India, it is like a hegemony !! punctilious that a people who belonged to certain Caste and religion only should undergo studies and others should carry their traditional work, here they too acquiescing it. Though the system is now transmuted still it exist in some parts of our country.

Anguish to address the people with coeval (same age) whenever my turn to visit roadside shops, people around me, Felt compunction on witnessing their situations.

why didn’t able to get proper education?

Why their family still exits in poverty, won’t they suffer much in scorching heat or in negative degree Celsius?

Congenial that we are expedient in moving one step ahead in life but we failed to make with equilibrium in our society, even myself doing the same.

Nobel people are still there who used to make up with “communism, socialism , capitalism” but very a few are there in real time, rest are passing by speeches.

The dream is one where every part world should be balanced with proper economy and filled with happiness. The border between countries should be smile rather than walls.

Everything is possible with our encouragement and abet them for their growth in society, even a slow blooming bud will pick up with proper guidance!!

Most of the above questions are still  unanswerable, if you have any valid reason ! Try to clear me!!

Be the change for the change ,let starts seeding for the change in society.!!

is mandatory to celebrate Labour day?

We people now starts to accolade the Labour’s day, the reason is the well-known one. The Same day which we just consider as a holiday till last year, the situation turns to abetting us now.

                              Labour’s day is not only for those who working it also accentuate those who chasing their Passion and Destination.

I used to acclaim those who following their Passion irrespective of their acrimony in current role, nothing is palatable in achieving their solipsistic success. Getting the evergreen “Hello World” in coding also the rhapsodize for the person like me.

(Take a deep breath I won’t move further that)

In this Era, you must come across the lyrics

I’m in love with the shape of you
We push and pull like a magnet do

…. Oh—I—oh—I—oh—I—oh—I

yea, it is Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of you” album which made us ecstatic on hearing his Guitar chords which adorn his album.

We now know his as an affluent Guitarist, songwriter and as a record producer but once his life filled with darkness, the one who is idiosyncratic to his passion.

He builds into school but he drops out though he was idolatrous to playing guitar.

He faced quagmire by starving for food, a lot of renunciation but he never gives up.

He and his passion continued the journey together, finally the renowned himself with prefix Guitarist and it’s boisterous is applaud. Everyone has some Passion but the courage needed to acquire and it is prowess.

(oops !! let back to the main theme)

It is not the matter of your position in work but it totally depends on involvement. Learning is magnanimous one.It is not mandatory to continue the job, by getting proper knowledge through learning we also are an entrepreneur of our own start-ups.

Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art. It is a practice

  • Passion is not only the art it also in Capitalism, Make your own footprint by ostracism.

The Diversity of profession but goal is same “To serve people” . he may be a Doctor or may be an Engineer or the fortitude Farmer, everyone depends on each other for their growth and for the development of our nation. totally it’s a vicious circle if one move out of the order than circle will be heterogeneous.

On this special day, I need to exalt a few blessed workers like sewer cleaners who auctioned their own life by clinging their body on Manhole, Doing the unpleasant job to make the country clean. They need to be embellished with their Hard work in making Cities clean and the janitor also a part if it.

Never Stop doing anything for anyone, some people deter other to raise, some won’t care about your assiduous. keep doing that till they change their thoughts and started to ponder about you. very small world at once they need to revocable.

                                            Wishing Everyone the jubilant labour’s day on this special occasion on behalf of Dhinesh Anthology.

                                                Be the change for the change !!!

Thanks for spending your valuable time here, comments are welcome !!

With Serenity

Dhinesh Palanisamy

Prestigious Authoring !!World Book Day – 2017

Am Churning this blog by stating quotes

A writer only begins a book. A reader finishes it!

Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers !!

In my opinion above two quotes acclaim both the Author and the reader, both are interdependent without one other can’t exist.

My incredible affinity towards authoring might be an illusion or need ameliorate it which I build myself, but as an amenable book reader, it’s my pleasure to give compliments to pellucid Authors on this World Book Day – 2017.

We have Diversity in preferring the book it totally depends on one’s consolation, cultivating interest in reading Fiction, Science fiction, Romance, Drama etc are totally disparate from each other.

Whatever the Genres of books, Fabricating a book is a kind of art and it’s not facile ! for sure it requires prescient to go ahead.

Contemporaneously we can witness cacophony of crowd stating themselves as an author if my guessing is emended you’ll get my image in your mind with the smile in cheeks now.

Though I already mentioned needing to ameliorate in it so don’t worry. At the same time, a bunch of deft young authors is articulating impeccably.

we all come over the proverb

Don’t Judge a book by its covers

A Salient thing we need to know before buying any books, it’s a Marketing world where the content of the book is nowhere or nonetheless before the marketing with a crispy name for the book .

Mr.Robert T Kiyosaki a Distinguished author point himself as “I’m a good marketer than a good author.”

To get the credulity among the readers marketing is the essential phenomena for it. so think twice before buying books.
There is only one book that arouses the unanimous admiration of the writer and his peers -“ULYSSES” by Mr.James Joyce. No writer will speak ill of this book.

The only writer can understand what he trying to say, He needs to be culpable in the society if he failed.He needs to Deserve solitude to concoct the Story of his wish.He needs to make Concord with his Schizophrenic world to diffuse from it.

Making a book is like constructing a home from basement to top with proper hierarchy should be there, else it will be hapless but those houses are painted in the different way some use Vocabulary, a few use Humour and a few use the Adult content.

Err if Mr.Chetan Bhagat strikes in your mind after gazing adult content I won’t responsible for it. His marketing strategy might be it. holy-moly some of youngsters felt rejuvenated on writes.

It’s all up to one to get rid off the Fallacious paintings in stories. we need to malleable to disparate medley(Mixture of different things).But the main motto for all author is to attract the author to read the entire stories without leaving a vacuum in it.

if it’s nonchalant than there no use of his diligent in making contents.

In my opinion, the book is the kind of repository where one’s experience, knowledge, a rule of life can easily crown.

So if you are not a book reader start to read bit by bit.

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.

It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it. – Oscar Wilde

HAPPY WORLD BOOKS DAY – on behalf of Dhinesh’s Anthology wishing you all the Authors and the Readers

I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.

Be the change you want to see in the world!!

Thanks for Spending your valuable time here

with serenity

Dhinesh Palanisamy

Whether Trees make India Incredible?

November 8, 2016, at 08.15 PM the sleep of many people is being abducted by Indian banknote demonetisation. The government of India accentuated that demonetisation would shut down the illegal shadow economy and crack down on the use of illicit and counterfeit cash to fund illegal activity and terrorism.

All ATMs are zealous by people to draw money with a diversity of thoughts .

Some accolade it and a few felt ambivalent to it.

To speak frankly we are conundrum by the shortage of money in the bank itself.But it might be approbation if the government did proper arrangement to exchange the old currency in remote places. Because the most of village people has no idea on demonetisation and why they curbed the old ₹500 and ₹1000.

Let keep this discussion apart, take a deep breath I’m not going Beat around the bush by accentuating about demonetisation, though a lot of arbiters are there to do it.

On witnessing the shortage of money the Honourable Finance Minister Mr.Arun jaitley tranquil the people by fostering Cashless Economy in norms of Digital Transactions. In order to meet the scarcity of money the Debit cards and Credit cards espoused in more places.

Here the protagonist of our theme makes its entry. we started using e-cards in all places including major retail stores, restaurants and petrol bunks etc. An ordinary person now depends on POS machine for his daily need.

We used to get bills after swiping the cards over POS .In mean time we erudite that deforestation leads to global warming, how many of them espoused to defy it. but we are fastidious for the green revolution.

It’s not facile to stop deforestation unless we start to goad on it. we are cutting trees for many reasons including the need of furniture, logs for a fire in addition to that for the paper .

Furniture and logs for fire may be imperative, but paper too?

Immersed that we migrating from Traditional to Digital in every thing. why can’t we do it for Paper pulp? whether it’s immutable or archetypal?

Survey that pointing 2.41 million trees are cut down per day and in which Nearly 4 billion trees worldwide are cut down each year for paper, representing about 35 percent of all harvested trees.

It takes 12 trees to make one ton of 100 percent non-recycled newsprint.

Many Trees cut down each year, the 2005 report concludes that primary forest area (as opposed to plantations)was reduced globally by 60,000 square kilometers per year

Most of the POS machine holds an option to send the bill as e-Bill through SMS services, we may think a small piece paper won’t reflect much in deforestation. if we wish we can get the bill in the form of e-Bill, Perhaps we are throwing those bills which we are getting from retail shops or from any other Provision shops.

Here I’m not Initiating only the Papers used on POS machine. just I’m looking forward with further scenarios to stack up!!.

Newspapers and magazines are also now started their services via e-Newspapers and e-Magazines.

Holy-moly now most of the authors overcoming their mores and started publishing their books through e-Books and palatable to switch over to this arena.


Students will feel ecstatic and flabbergasted when government Prohibits usage of papers in Exams, but sure it will be the Magnanimous act to save at least 100,000 trees.Students will celebrate it as a festival because nevertheless, they can get rid of the daily test.

Hoping soon every school starts to adopt exams through Digital ways and it will be the big asylum for saving trees.

Once the computer was potentate by replacing stationary files to system files. Now internet providing all resources at the tip of the finger.

Real Digital India lies on the transformation, not perusal of words though Actions speak louder than words. we can make paperless India by starting it from ordinary bus tickets to high authority paper via Digilocker facility.

It’ll be always awkward whenever seeing the ATM asking “Do you need the receipt or balance slip, Go green by saying no” by placing machine in Air conditioning which interim producing chloro-fluoro carbon gas. it impacts ozone depletion and leads to global warming.

we people abnegate to Air conditioning and it’s ubiquitous now. only technology can give the proper alternative for existing things.every thing has both good and bad together within it.

Cashless Economy won’t be a transient unless it starts serving people from it’s basic needs through digitisation. Internet of things along with sensors are luminous now with help of those we can make India incredible once again.

Dream India is one when everything starts to churn up with motivation.

We Indians started to relegate the technology witnessing Indian Space Research Organisation launched a rocket that put 104 satellites into orbit around the earth, breaking a world record as it did so. Rocket science is salient here. hence we are tenable to attain the growth as much we need.

To spill the beans Earth won’t be the nice place if the global warming tends to increase, we may last species to be on this earth. so let starts to grow more plants and make our world greenish once again.

I just concluding my penny thoughts regarding Deforestation and Technology a boon and bane. Moreover, it’s our Last straw for our future generation to make their lives peacefully in our earth.

let join hands together to save trees as much we can.

Change starts from you !! Be the change, that you need to see in this world.                  

Thanks for spending your valuable time  .

With Serenity – Dhinesh Palanisamy

Is Jallikattu only important ?

Finally, we people appease on hearing the permanent solution for sallikkattu, the term also referred as Jallikattu a traditional spectacle for Tamil’s. even for me too, I’m not going to appraise about jallikattu as now we all come to know the seriousness and MNC politics to ban jallikattu.

                             our youngsters stand archetypal to show how the protest should be, they tooted the non-violence and cling that together with them till the end of the protest .

National Media ancillary only one the protest which stood on Marina Beach, Chennai. where at least Nine lakhs people gathered to show their support for a pro-jallikattu protest.but we  arrogate the boisterous protesters all over the nook and corner of the Tamil Nadu.

                              Social-Media is the protagonist to initiate the protest via Meme Creators through Facebook, WhatsApp.


Especially at this time, we need to thank contemporaneous Jio Network who provide temporary tower at marina with free data, without Jio network this much cacophony may a big question mark only.


                            These all the things which make our political leaders cringe.India bent to see the extreme south of sub-continent. A voice from Markandey katju who is former supreme court judge to support the jallikattu.

The thing that made me happy is that youngsters get rid of cinematic society. As I already wrote a blog about cinematic society  India on cinemas, Be the Change for the Change.

Nonetheless of our youngsters didn’t wait for their favorite actor or actress to initiate, how the protest to be in their film.

                    Able to witness the Rejuvenated youngsters with fire in their mission.

                              Our credulity made Political leaders and Actors to think us as their slave. The biggest mistake did by us in erecting banner, Tons of Milk on cutouts, cracking crackers, is they are a despot ? the answer is NO!! then why this kind of rituals there? here I do not disparage those people but it all should be reduced and avoided

The same things follow for fallacious Politicians, we are the main source for their position without our votes they are nothing. so never keep them in boundless position, it’s our rights to ask our requirements no need to be the slave to them.

                          India is a secular country but we people making it as monarch. paving the way to the misleading government with or without our knowledge.

                            [i’m not pointing all actors and politicians]

No religion, No caste and No racism the entire coastline with single slogan #weneedjallikattu
No traffic blockage but most of the pavements are filled with pledge #weneedjallikattu – the voice from IT Employees corroborate the protest in a professional way.

It divulges the coronation humanity along the people. A lot of volunteers provided the food for protesters without any demand from them, there we stand good examples for being human.

Tamil Nadu Assembly unanimously passed an amendment bill for conducting the bull-taming sport without any hindrance.So we got our traditional Game back and we are gobsmacked about it.

Is everything is over? The answer is simply No!!.

Liquor Prohibition !

As like jallikattu one day we going to protest for Banning liquor shop in India and day is not so far, as per recent survey in India at least  15 people a day kicking their bucket.

Tamil Nadu it is heinous that most of women’s are windowed at an age below 30 due to alcoholism dead. I’m not pointing alcohol is grievous to health, but we people need to know how much amount they need to consume alcohol.


As we are migrating to westernization the term alcohol is now common between both genders. however,

                         I’m not an inane to say women should consume alcohol and it’s a Men’s part. But they should aware what’s going around them.

MG Road in Bengaluru witnessed the Mass Molestation during New year eve, it’s all due to over consumption of alcohol. women consuming alcohol may lead to Vulnerability to sexual abuse which is common in nightclubs and bars.

Here I’m  going to articulate about nomadic maverick Women  Ms.Nandhini a Law college student who demanding complete liquor prohibition in Tamil Nadu since 2013 and she has been arrested 58 times under section 151 of CrPC .


Is she is the only person to give the voice for liquor prohibition, why can’t we? because we people started to palatable liquor. some people are in the stage that they can’t live without alcohol.

Leading State of Gujarat, Kerala, Bihar, Nagaland, and Manipur, as well as in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep alcohol prohibition is in the act. then why can’t we?

                      Alcohol prohibition in Tamil Nadu will only be in Election Manifesto of parties until people join their hands with Ms.Nandhini.

Royal salute for Ms.Nandhini for her intrepid protest, she never demanded people to join with her. there she stands as Veera-Tamilachi (Courageous Tamil Girl).

Save Farmers

A lot of times I’m anguished on hearing Farmer commits suicide and wonder how the farmers are still impecunious because they are the producer of major food Items .what’s happening between farmers and government or third party members who used to sell their products.


                         India is an agricultural country where it’s 60% of people directly or indirectly depending on agriculture.

Most of the suicide are recorded in southern part of India. The major reason stating is that financial difficulties due to geographical reason like the disaster, the drought they failed to pay the load amount that results in Suicide.


Tamil Nadu which ranks 3rd in GDP per capita overall where 21% is contributed by agriculture, Government should take proper action like connecting river all over India to make agriculture richer.

Every state now concerns on their agriculture they abandoning giving water to nearby states.

Central Government should be active in this perusal, not like forming the committee which is a formal act and after no response for it.Make a note if the suicide of farmer continues then we need to depend on Foreign products and restaurants.

The same scenario for what we protest for Jallikattu, Farmers are potentate by allowing them to attend suicide we can’t leave peacefully.

           Harmony in farming and happiness in cultivation.let raise voice for farmers.

Tamil Eelam.

Another thing that I’m keened in Liberation of Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka, to witness the ecstatic of Tamil people.

Already by 2013, we protest demanding that India should move resolution against Sri Lanka at the UN’s Human rights body to acknowledge commission of genocide against it’s Tamil Population.

One UN estimate is that 40,000 Tamils died in the final army offensive.


The atrocities by Sri  Lanka government will soon to be disclosed and we Tamil going to embellish the Tamil Eelam  by singing “Eruthu Paar Kodi” National Anthem of Tamil Eelam, waiting for that goosebumps moment, that result from the erection of the hairs in our skin.


Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) may fail today but it will back and my people will lead a happy life one day.

                        One day tigers will break the fence and raise their own flag.

The day when above-mentioned things happen, that day will be the real republic day of India.

Be The Change that you want to see in the world

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Accentuating the expectation level for festival is decreasing- Deepavali.


Let this Deepavali burns all our bad times a make away to good times, Happy Deepavali! 

I’m just here to share a few words about the contemporaneous Deepavali, once in my childhood days, we used to concoct the plans for Deepavali.

Acceding that Expectation level for this day will be higher than rest of another festival only because of crackers, none of another festival won’t bring ecstatic and joy like Deepavali.

In my school days, we people used to be diligent in one thing, that is discussing the New variety of crackers in the market it won’t end until the quarrelsome provokes – an unforgettable memory.

In those days we can able to hear the sound of crackers before a month, we pedestrian can’t walk freely on road ,avenue and lanes and all. if we do that without any knowledge then for sure our heart beat will be paused and back on hearing the cracking sound (BANG..BANG) roads are larcenist by small kids .

Present situation:

Now the thing happening is inversely propositional to what I faced, zero expectation level for the festival , hearing the cracking sound before a month is cogent.

Don’t know whether it’s Idiosyncratic to me to feel, what makes the people change.Whether due to technology development ? or they started to being matured in their small age itself ? or due to abating GDP growth of India. or they started to caring about ozone layer if it’s the reason than appraise for it but it’s vacuous.

In my opinion, these festivals are there to aggrandize the family happiness , it’s there to integrate all in a family by burning all sadness. whatever the reason only the parents can give the best solution for it, a bond between parent and child relation should be enriched .

Technology is there to reduce the human works but it can’t give the happiness of a family during a festival session nostalgic moments.

Childhood is the only age where we can gain more memories where adolescent we can’t get time for breath , for that too we need to depend on others.

Now festivals are there to leave holiday where we can relax ourselves.

Festivals are there to enamor the happiness, don’t make the festival as engender one. where we meant to say to our grandchildren that we used to celebrate once .

This blog might esoteric for some and purposeless for a few but it will make some sense if one just compare the present with their past.

– Thank You

Dhinesh Anthology.

India on cinemas, Be the Change for the Change.

Everyone in our country wants the change, in norms of Internal and External means. I’m here accentuating the External one.

Adhering to external changes like Litter free India, pollution free India , corruption and bribing free India . everyone wants to get out of those rids but we won’t take any action for that.

Pretending that all Acquiescing the above one, we will abjure and feel maverick when one stand against it. Is he/she is the only person who has that foster to want changes? which makes us support them after they started giving voice against immoral activities.

Are they are only leaders?

I’m not iconoclastic to say that supporting them is wrong , why can’t we be an initiator?

There might be lot of reason but I forward that cinemas playing a major role in it !!

India is the country where we have a lot of idolatrous who worships Actor/Actress Than their family.

This is also an impinge for our failing to inhibit the immoral activities, in all our cinemas it’s limpid that there must be a protagonist . he is the rebellion who stand against all odd ones.

We are filled with the thought that he/she is the only libertarian to save us, it’s a kind of mores within our self including me .If this situation prevails then we mundane to it.

Insatiable that when we giving sagacity of voice against bribing, when we failed to give a substantial amount of money , else if it’s within our budget we are moving to comfort zone by giving that amount. Retract above articulation if you do not belong to above category.

stop corr or quit india-2

If we need litter free India , just make garbage relegate and refurbish.

Pungent that we Indian’s facing major problems in

  • Basic Educational Quality.
  • Women Empowerment.
  • Poverty and Population Explosion.
  • Corruption in Public Life.
  • Bribing for the Need.

if we prepossessing that problem in the country is unending means, it won’t end till our generation exists .we need to give preponderance to change within our self.

Metamorphosing thoughts lead to Meritorious life.

There is no Superhero in Real life might exist in reel life, but myth still we need one superhero in our real life to make the change. we should be idiosyncratic our self to make the country better.

Movies are there to just entertainment us , hunky-dory it’s giving reprobate thoughts to us in various ways. Never and ever juxtaposition the practical and reel lifbe-the-change-you-want-to-see-in-the-world-mahatma-gandhi

Even a successful maths starts with zero, Don’t worry about the critics people will  laugh than they start to follow you.

Be a Trend Setter for the Cause. Let  make the India How  we Want !!

Here by I like to show my serenity to Praveen Balasubramaniam to initiate  me for. Be the change for the change.

 Thank  you !