Stand with Patriotism till end – The Story of elementary school Child

                              “Silence Please”, an elementary school teacher asked the students by beating the ruler against the desk.

                               On acquiescing it, children start to speak in a Husky voice with each other.

                               “It is the worst talkative class ever I been”  Teacher added the usual injunction to the class.

                                Children tried hard to maintain the silence, but the teacher advice is like “Cry over spilt milk” within five minutes children’s filled the space in the classroom with their fruity voice and honeyed laughs.

                                “Excuse sir, may I come in” a high pitched sound from office assistant hauled the attention of both the children’s and teacher.

                                 Children’s mind started to zealous with multifarious thoughts, students who waiting for the last bell with eagerness now started to engage in gossips. Whenever the office assistant came with circular it must bring either the gratification nor displease!

                                  Both the teacher and students cloying for pleasant news, eye balls of children’s follows the assistant with Acumen, they couldn’t take their eyes off from the circular.

                                   To acknowledge, Teacher paints a ray of sunshine all over his face in form of smile with a dimple in his cheek and get the circular from the assistant. Though he already knows the theme of circular.

                                   Garrulous children’s are now changed to dumb samaritans.

                                   The alacrity towards knowing about the hot potato in circular becomes perfunctory between children’s,

                                  “Class order  !!” said the teacher with his honeyed voice and continued “On the eve of celebrating our 71st Independence day !! school declared the holiday on Tuesday (15.08.2017).The principal will hoist the Indian flag on the school playing ground, the flag salutation will be followed by singing National Anthem. “  said the teacher by crinkling his corner of eyes.

                                 Students flabbergasted by hearing it, some exults in happiness.Boisterousness sound abducted the vacuum in the class room. Children exchanged the happiness with each other by doing  Hand gestures, to make the long story anecdote, Final bell for the day rang, children start to rush out to home with cloud nine.


                               “Hey Arjun, what makes you so happy today ?” a throaty voice questioned one child.

                               “School declared the holiday on eve of 71st Independence day which concocts the ecstatic between us ” Arjun replied to the bourgeois old man who running one diminutive petty shop near by school.

                                The deft old man goes around 68 in number with winter white hair and blood flecked eyes, he used to be ebullient in his character and amicable with the school children’s and so far he is eminent for his chronicle stories.

                                On acknowledging it old man emoted “According to this era, Independence day is just limited to the holiday, a simple flag hosting and song of patriotism even that too contemporaneous. Patriotism ends when salutation ends, Essence of being Independent, that last forever not only for one day”

                                 On Hearing it ingenious small boy replied “Still Everyone in this country being showing patriotism, I do and my friend showing  the love towards my mother country “

                                  Listening to it, the old man made a pithy smile and left the place.

                                  Finally, the awaited day comes. The clouds drifted across a clear blue sky and full of tumultuous, dark, ragged clouds.It is a grey morning with a dull sky threatening rain, Students assembled on the ground with pole plastic flags and wearing badges over their dresses to host the flag before it starts pouring.


                                   Punctilious Independence day started, The Principal of the elementary school hoisted the flag and gave the catalyzed independence day speech to the children’s, Flag hoisting came to culmination by distributing the sweets and candies.

                                   The old man with his customed routines in his shop, immensely studying the things happening on the ground.

                                  “School disperse,” ordered the student pupil leader.

                                  Arjun started searching for the old man to disprove him that, still the patriotism exists with everyone irrespective of other facts. but he couldn’t able to find him in his petty shop, after searching for a long time his eye gazed the old man in the very long distance.

                                    when he went near the old man, he shocked to see the old man taking the plastic pole flags from the garbage which are used by the students in independence day ceremony. He gently cleaned the plastic flags and safe guard it his bags.

                                    On witnessing it, Arjun tasted his own medicine when he turns around and took the horizon in the school area he found the plastic flag litters occupied everywhere. The old man words “Patriotism ends when salutation ends” starts revolving around his mind.


                                     Arjun without any hesitation started to pick the plastic pole flags in around the school, he gained the children’s attention by picking it.

                                      Arjun went to the old man and gave the plastic flags he found in and around the school and said “I never let down my county or country flag down” he stood erect and gave a salute to the old man.


                                      On seeing this, children understand their mistake and started to pick all the plastic flags lying down not only in school, everywhere!

                                      Long waited for black clouds, released the pouring rain !!

                                       The old man salutes him back with pride on his face.


Let make the Independence day more pride by keeping our city and surrounding clean – Happy 71st Independence day.

Don’t throw the Flags to the dustbin, respect it with pride.

Jai Hind!