Religious iconoclast – Hindia or India ? Blasphemy of rotten potatoes.

                        Can’t be stoic on witnessing the religious iconoclast which is occurring in our union, being in the secular country we all do have the freedom of religion(Article 25) to practice and to follow. criticizing and foul speaking of any religion is the viable crime.

No matter either the god exists or not but when one thinks their belief is the ultimate way to attain the solitude, please don’t sacrilege their beliefs, whoever whether he/she is Hindu, Islam, Christian, Sikh, Jain or Buddhism etc.

Mahavir(Jainism) preached “Enlightenment through meditation and self-realization” but now a group of people worshipping and following him in name as Jain religion. Jain people found following him is the way to attain Jina.



                                 Especially in Tamil Nadu, the religious issue is now a hot potato, an ongoing issue about the Hindu mythological belief “Aandal” the veteran poet kavignar Vairamuthu speech which hurts the Hindus and gently he too pleased sorry for it, now it takes a gigantic structure against him with mixed emotions.


kavignar Vairamuthu

On the name of Dravidians, a few supporting him. As I mentioned previously “if you don’t believe in one thing let it be with yourself, no need to brand it or to contravene”. In my personal opinion, the so-called Atheist is biased to religions and structuring it as politics.

                            I accept that Hindu religion has a handful of practice, customs and a lot of superstitious beliefs and it does not come to practice a decade back which is followed by centuries ahead and I like to add the same to other religion also.

                            Religion came to practice to make the people follow the certain rules to stop the barbaric act but now witnessing the situation, afraid that the old barbaric situation may hit back our society and spoil our peace.

                              BJP national leader H.Raja who always used to put his nose into religious issues and digging one’s identity to show that he/she is Anti-Hindu motive is also a condemned offence. Like him, there is one head in all religion to break the peace by promoting the religious conversion and by means of love jihad.



                                  Contemporaneously accentuating that if one has alacrity to switch over the religion or by means enamoured by the soul to get married is euphoric and laudatory.

                                   The anguish that on witnessing the era, ask us to get back to the square one by giving the weapons in the hand and to make breath in religious riots.

                                    It is always pride that compared to north India, we south Indian people always chided for religious disunion. if the present situation persists in people in Tamil Nadu perhaps it might result in cleave of unity in the state.

                              Even the Hindu followers of Dravidian parties start to show they’re contravening to their leader’s statement which accolades and approbate the kavignar Vairamuthu statement. because the most of the followers don’t know their motto of the Dravidians party.

Tamilians are the one who united by means of culture, not by means of religions. we are united by Tamil and let it continue it forever. One Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat are more than enough for India.

Muslim bothers undergoing prayer in jalikattu protests late 2017 January

                          To culminate, Practising religion is one’s right in the secular country, no has right to criticize it and to stop it. whoever the ruler if he does something which enlights the growth of India let welcome him/her irrespective of religion.

All the above points are my own opinion, never meant to hurt anyone.

Wishing you all the “Happy Pongal”.

Unity in diversity.

Is Jallikattu only important ?

Finally, we people appease on hearing the permanent solution for sallikkattu, the term also referred as Jallikattu a traditional spectacle for Tamil’s. even for me too, I’m not going to appraise about jallikattu as now we all come to know the seriousness and MNC politics to ban jallikattu.

                             our youngsters stand archetypal to show how the protest should be, they tooted the non-violence and cling that together with them till the end of the protest .

National Media ancillary only one the protest which stood on Marina Beach, Chennai. where at least Nine lakhs people gathered to show their support for a pro-jallikattu protest.but we  arrogate the boisterous protesters all over the nook and corner of the Tamil Nadu.

                              Social-Media is the protagonist to initiate the protest via Meme Creators through Facebook, WhatsApp.


Especially at this time, we need to thank contemporaneous Jio Network who provide temporary tower at marina with free data, without Jio network this much cacophony may a big question mark only.


                            These all the things which make our political leaders cringe.India bent to see the extreme south of sub-continent. A voice from Markandey katju who is former supreme court judge to support the jallikattu.

The thing that made me happy is that youngsters get rid of cinematic society. As I already wrote a blog about cinematic society  India on cinemas, Be the Change for the Change.

Nonetheless of our youngsters didn’t wait for their favorite actor or actress to initiate, how the protest to be in their film.

                    Able to witness the Rejuvenated youngsters with fire in their mission.

                              Our credulity made Political leaders and Actors to think us as their slave. The biggest mistake did by us in erecting banner, Tons of Milk on cutouts, cracking crackers, is they are a despot ? the answer is NO!! then why this kind of rituals there? here I do not disparage those people but it all should be reduced and avoided

The same things follow for fallacious Politicians, we are the main source for their position without our votes they are nothing. so never keep them in boundless position, it’s our rights to ask our requirements no need to be the slave to them.

                          India is a secular country but we people making it as monarch. paving the way to the misleading government with or without our knowledge.

                            [i’m not pointing all actors and politicians]

No religion, No caste and No racism the entire coastline with single slogan #weneedjallikattu
No traffic blockage but most of the pavements are filled with pledge #weneedjallikattu – the voice from IT Employees corroborate the protest in a professional way.

It divulges the coronation humanity along the people. A lot of volunteers provided the food for protesters without any demand from them, there we stand good examples for being human.

Tamil Nadu Assembly unanimously passed an amendment bill for conducting the bull-taming sport without any hindrance.So we got our traditional Game back and we are gobsmacked about it.

Is everything is over? The answer is simply No!!.

Liquor Prohibition !

As like jallikattu one day we going to protest for Banning liquor shop in India and day is not so far, as per recent survey in India at least  15 people a day kicking their bucket.

Tamil Nadu it is heinous that most of women’s are windowed at an age below 30 due to alcoholism dead. I’m not pointing alcohol is grievous to health, but we people need to know how much amount they need to consume alcohol.


As we are migrating to westernization the term alcohol is now common between both genders. however,

                         I’m not an inane to say women should consume alcohol and it’s a Men’s part. But they should aware what’s going around them.

MG Road in Bengaluru witnessed the Mass Molestation during New year eve, it’s all due to over consumption of alcohol. women consuming alcohol may lead to Vulnerability to sexual abuse which is common in nightclubs and bars.

Here I’m  going to articulate about nomadic maverick Women  Ms.Nandhini a Law college student who demanding complete liquor prohibition in Tamil Nadu since 2013 and she has been arrested 58 times under section 151 of CrPC .


Is she is the only person to give the voice for liquor prohibition, why can’t we? because we people started to palatable liquor. some people are in the stage that they can’t live without alcohol.

Leading State of Gujarat, Kerala, Bihar, Nagaland, and Manipur, as well as in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep alcohol prohibition is in the act. then why can’t we?

                      Alcohol prohibition in Tamil Nadu will only be in Election Manifesto of parties until people join their hands with Ms.Nandhini.

Royal salute for Ms.Nandhini for her intrepid protest, she never demanded people to join with her. there she stands as Veera-Tamilachi (Courageous Tamil Girl).

Save Farmers

A lot of times I’m anguished on hearing Farmer commits suicide and wonder how the farmers are still impecunious because they are the producer of major food Items .what’s happening between farmers and government or third party members who used to sell their products.


                         India is an agricultural country where it’s 60% of people directly or indirectly depending on agriculture.

Most of the suicide are recorded in southern part of India. The major reason stating is that financial difficulties due to geographical reason like the disaster, the drought they failed to pay the load amount that results in Suicide.


Tamil Nadu which ranks 3rd in GDP per capita overall where 21% is contributed by agriculture, Government should take proper action like connecting river all over India to make agriculture richer.

Every state now concerns on their agriculture they abandoning giving water to nearby states.

Central Government should be active in this perusal, not like forming the committee which is a formal act and after no response for it.Make a note if the suicide of farmer continues then we need to depend on Foreign products and restaurants.

The same scenario for what we protest for Jallikattu, Farmers are potentate by allowing them to attend suicide we can’t leave peacefully.

           Harmony in farming and happiness in cultivation.let raise voice for farmers.

Tamil Eelam.

Another thing that I’m keened in Liberation of Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka, to witness the ecstatic of Tamil people.

Already by 2013, we protest demanding that India should move resolution against Sri Lanka at the UN’s Human rights body to acknowledge commission of genocide against it’s Tamil Population.

One UN estimate is that 40,000 Tamils died in the final army offensive.


The atrocities by Sri  Lanka government will soon to be disclosed and we Tamil going to embellish the Tamil Eelam  by singing “Eruthu Paar Kodi” National Anthem of Tamil Eelam, waiting for that goosebumps moment, that result from the erection of the hairs in our skin.


Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) may fail today but it will back and my people will lead a happy life one day.

                        One day tigers will break the fence and raise their own flag.

The day when above-mentioned things happen, that day will be the real republic day of India.

Be The Change that you want to see in the world

Thanks for spending your Valuable Time – DhineshAnthology


India on cinemas, Be the Change for the Change.

Everyone in our country wants the change, in norms of Internal and External means. I’m here accentuating the External one.

Adhering to external changes like Litter free India, pollution free India , corruption and bribing free India . everyone wants to get out of those rids but we won’t take any action for that.

Pretending that all Acquiescing the above one, we will abjure and feel maverick when one stand against it. Is he/she is the only person who has that foster to want changes? which makes us support them after they started giving voice against immoral activities.

Are they are only leaders?

I’m not iconoclastic to say that supporting them is wrong , why can’t we be an initiator?

There might be lot of reason but I forward that cinemas playing a major role in it !!

India is the country where we have a lot of idolatrous who worships Actor/Actress Than their family.

This is also an impinge for our failing to inhibit the immoral activities, in all our cinemas it’s limpid that there must be a protagonist . he is the rebellion who stand against all odd ones.

We are filled with the thought that he/she is the only libertarian to save us, it’s a kind of mores within our self including me .If this situation prevails then we mundane to it.

Insatiable that when we giving sagacity of voice against bribing, when we failed to give a substantial amount of money , else if it’s within our budget we are moving to comfort zone by giving that amount. Retract above articulation if you do not belong to above category.

stop corr or quit india-2

If we need litter free India , just make garbage relegate and refurbish.

Pungent that we Indian’s facing major problems in

  • Basic Educational Quality.
  • Women Empowerment.
  • Poverty and Population Explosion.
  • Corruption in Public Life.
  • Bribing for the Need.

if we prepossessing that problem in the country is unending means, it won’t end till our generation exists .we need to give preponderance to change within our self.

Metamorphosing thoughts lead to Meritorious life.

There is no Superhero in Real life might exist in reel life, but myth still we need one superhero in our real life to make the change. we should be idiosyncratic our self to make the country better.

Movies are there to just entertainment us , hunky-dory it’s giving reprobate thoughts to us in various ways. Never and ever juxtaposition the practical and reel lifbe-the-change-you-want-to-see-in-the-world-mahatma-gandhi

Even a successful maths starts with zero, Don’t worry about the critics people will  laugh than they start to follow you.

Be a Trend Setter for the Cause. Let  make the India How  we Want !!

Here by I like to show my serenity to Praveen Balasubramaniam to initiate  me for. Be the change for the change.

 Thank  you !

Modi in US congress -Namasthae America

Note : Neutral Blog  speaking about Honorable Prime minister Narendra modi

(Avoid as Party View)

Before starting this blog let have gaze on what Indian news papers wrote about modi’s speech in US congress!!

“The partnership between the two countries has never had the kind of depth and breadth that it has today.”-The Indian Express

“PM Modi hit all the right buttons,” with the speech.-The Times of India

“When Modi met Obama,” saying the two leaders “have taken ties to new heights.” It said in his speech, Mr. Modi delivered a “tough message on terrorism.”-The Economic Times.

I need to absolute that apart from Parties (Neutral Blogger)that he is not visiting other countries  for spending his vacations.In his every trip he initiating to adorn our India but it’s not sounded much.

I think adverse that still None of the Prime Minister  made these kind of visit for developing the nation, hence it anomaly to some people who making fun and memes on him.

Appeasing those people, Modi made a Historic speech in US congress.


Top 10 quotes from our PM:

  •  I commend the members of US Congress for sending a clear message to those who preach and practice terrorism for political gains
  • You are well-known for your bipartisanship. I have also witnessed a similar spirit in Indian Parliament, especially in Upper House: PM Modi
  • India will never forget the solidarity shown by US Congress when terrorists from across our border attacked Mumbai in 2008
  • India applauds the great sacrifices of the men & women from ‘The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave’ in service of mankind
  • India’s strong economy and growth rate of 7.6% per annum, is creating new opportunities for our mutual prosperity
  • SIRI tells us that India’s ancient heritage of Yoga has over 30 million practitioners in the US
  • No wonder then, that former Prime Minister of India Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee called India and the US ‘natural allies’
  • Gandhi’s non-violence inspired the heroism of Martin Luther King
  • The genius of Norman Borlaug brought the Green Revolution and food security to India
  • Although its shadow is spreading across the world, terrorism is incubated in India’s neighborhood. Humanity must speak in one voice. Terrorism must be delegitimized.

Where he bags 8 standing ovation (Proud Moment for all Indians) from american parliament, a history repeated  after Swami Vivekananda in 1893..


Still some Blaming about his level of English, but his speech made me proud about his attitude by giving try to speak in his own level.

Obama accepts MTCR request of India


Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR)

A voluntary association which holds 34 countries in it, there comes our India  joining in and as 35th country .

The regime urges members, which include most of the world’s major missile manufacturers, to restrict exports of missiles and related technologies capable of carrying a 500 kg payload at least 300 km, or delivering any type of weapon of mass destruction.

How does it’s work?

National policies governing export of ballistic missiles,remotely piloted vehicles, cruise missiles, space launch vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles,  sounding rockets, drones,and their components.

Here there are two Category in it,

  • First goes with exports of complete products and major sub-systems and are meant to be extremely rare — with guidelines instructing members that “there will be strong presumption to deny transfers.
  •  Second includes materials, technologies and components whose transfers can be made more easily, since they generally have civilian applications, even though these too are done with caution.

Whether it Prohibit Missile Technology?

Lot of country dropped missile program because of MTCR pressure: Argentina abandoned its Condor II ballistic missile program and  to join the regime.

Brazil, South Africa, South Korea and Taiwan shelved or eliminated missile or space launch vehicle programs. Poland and the Czech Republic destroyed their ballistic missiles.

It is possible China may now seek some kind of bargain, whereby it is given entry to the MTCR in return for letting India get into the NSG, where it wields a veto.

MTCR Rules:

US law mandates sanctions for companies and governments that export MTCR-controlled items. The sanctioned entity can’t sign contracts, buy arms and receive aid for two years or more, however rule maker can’t be breaker of it.

The countries  North Korea, Iran and Pakistan acquired ballistic missile technology from China. but abrogating, China began to feel the pinch of US technology sanctions which was announced, in November 2000, that it would stop exporting ballistic missile technology.

Four years later, it applied for MTCR membership — but has been denied entry because of suspicion that some companies in the country are secretly supplying technology to North Korea. which oscillates between both yes and no.

It is possible China may now seek some kind of bargain, whereby it is given entry to the MTCR in return for letting India get into the NSG.

US seeks INDIA in NSG?

Yea, to strength  the global nuclear non-proliferation regime they need the support of India, so they Needs India in it.

The US agreed to shepherd Indian entry into these regimes, which meant India would for all practical purposes be treated like an NPT member, even though it wasn’t one.

Foreign Visits:

Foreign visit in first 24 months after joining PM office by Prime Ministers of different Countries :
Putin : 47

 Cameron : 46

 Obama : 37

 Jinping : 39

 Modi : 38 

65 year old Pm made contiguous five days visit (Dates relate to blogging), where he slept At most three days in flight, it’s easy to criticize but working on it is highly Difficult job.

According to me good citizen is one who can distinguish the acts of former and present government, even some blame alternatively during there respective period. There must me a difference if we take a deep horizon it.

I Agree that Rise of Gasoline prices was the great impact .But we simply blaming central government but here some major role played by state government too.Tax valuation leads to impact of price rather than crude oil price.Hope it will resolve soon.

Scheme launched by this government paves major role.

  • Swachh Bharat

 Aim:To create sanitation facilities for all and to clean the streets, roads and other infrastructure.

  • Digital India

Aim:To create sanitation facilities for all and to clean the streets, roads and other infrastructure.

  • Make in India saansad Adarsh Gram Yojan

Aim:To encourage foreign and domestic companies to manufacture their products in India.

  • Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana

Aim:To focus on the development in the villages, including social and cultural development.

Kudos for that man. 

*As a Neutral person I made this blog to rupture the view on modi by some peoples.


Gazing on KANHAIYA KUMAR’S speech in JNU

NOTE: contents are my own points not to disturb or distract other, just gazing my views

Entire India faced an unexpected protest from Kanhaiya Kumar who is the student union leader of JNU with anti-India slogans dated on February 2016,by march 3,2016 he got interim bail with certain constraints  from Delhi court

Here are my some questions ;

  • what suddenly made them to support  afzal guru? on his homage

  • They are citizens of India for past a few decades , what made them now to rose anti-slogan ?

  • They keep on blaming the activities of RSS and BJP , on seeing this whether they are triggered by some third rated politicians for upcoming elections of Punjab and Uttar pradesh  .

  Rohit Vemula suicide is the forerunner of all this problem , his suicide due to his suspension by UoH play a major role here .I  agree there may be lot of  issues regarding caste oriented , system is common to all but there is should proper measure to be taken at the initial stage of the caste issue, after that grown and sucked the life of one young research  scientist it turns to political issue.

If those protest are taken when the caste oriented issue are fabricated we can save one life from death, but after the issue entire indian political party made their visit to university of Hyderabad and stand along those students and family and started to protest against UGC , and  smirti irani (i’m not supporting ).They fallacious his dead for their political pros.i adore his dead was painful for their family, a person who developed himself and went to researching position, now no more .

Kanhaiya Kumar after getting bail addressed the students at JNU and gave an power pack speech.

His  highlighted points are:

  • We will fight for Umar (Khalid) and Anirban (Bhattacharya). Let the courts decide what is ‘deshdroh’ (anti-national) and what is ‘deshbhakti’ (patriotism), Madam Smriti Irani will not decide this because we are not her children. Modiji was talking about Stalin and Khrushchev in Parliament. When I heard him speaking I felt like jumping into the TV screen, grabbing his suit and saying — ‘Modiji, please speak about Hitler a little’. Forget about Hitler, talk about Mussolini whose black cap you wear, who  Golwalkar sahab went to meet. 
  • Modiji was talking about Stalin and Khrushchev in Parliament. When I heard him speaking I felt like jumping into the TV screen, grabbing his suit and saying — ‘Modiji, please speak about Hitler a little’. Forget about Hitler, talk about Mussolini whose black cap you wear, who  Golwalkar sahab went to meet. 
  • They said I raised slogans about freedom. They asked me why I wanted freedom from India. But I want to set this straight. I do not want freedom from India, but freedom in India. 
  • 69 per cent of the country do not believe in your (BJP) ideology. Even the 31 per cent who voted for you were fooled by your jumla. We Indians forget easily but we still remember all the ‘jumla’ used during election campaign. 
  • All this was planned. All this was planned to derail the movement seeking justice for Rohith Vemula and Occupy UGC . I have not said this before, but my family earns Rs 3,000 a month. Without JNU, I would not be able to do a PhD.

These are his few  power packed speech on JNU , what is the necessity of keeping loading  a political party as dispute , a guile act to stand against BJP and RSS.

may but his idiosyncratic act can’t be accepted to support a terrorist, while giving a bail to him, the honorable  judiciary  made a statement

                   “The kind of slogans raised may have demoralising effect on the family of those martyrs who returned home in a coffin draped in the tricolor”

                   Also she added”The infection results in infecting the limb to the extent that it becomes gangrene, amputation is the only treatment”

Really an appreciated judgement by giving a proper example, whether he were protecting peoples on standing himalayan border , whether he knows the difficulty on glacier.according to he is a moron , incitement without having proper knowledge .but i can’t categorize those medias  which reflected all  his action as pros.

As a citizen, i’m proud my Mother country compare to lot of countries here lot incisive path and independence are jubilant.but still some celebrity morons keep on pronouncing about intolerance in India.

              “Hoping one day civilians could get the real face of politicians .”

-Jai hind