Is Jallikattu only important ?

Finally, we people appease on hearing the permanent solution for sallikkattu, the term also referred as Jallikattu a traditional spectacle for Tamil’s. even for me too, I’m not going to appraise about jallikattu as now we all come to know the seriousness and MNC politics to ban jallikattu.

                             our youngsters stand archetypal to show how the protest should be, they tooted the non-violence and cling that together with them till the end of the protest .

National Media ancillary only one the protest which stood on Marina Beach, Chennai. where at least Nine lakhs people gathered to show their support for a pro-jallikattu protest.but we  arrogate the boisterous protesters all over the nook and corner of the Tamil Nadu.

                              Social-Media is the protagonist to initiate the protest via Meme Creators through Facebook, WhatsApp.


Especially at this time, we need to thank contemporaneous Jio Network who provide temporary tower at marina with free data, without Jio network this much cacophony may a big question mark only.


                            These all the things which make our political leaders cringe.India bent to see the extreme south of sub-continent. A voice from Markandey katju who is former supreme court judge to support the jallikattu.

The thing that made me happy is that youngsters get rid of cinematic society. As I already wrote a blog about cinematic society  India on cinemas, Be the Change for the Change.

Nonetheless of our youngsters didn’t wait for their favorite actor or actress to initiate, how the protest to be in their film.

                    Able to witness the Rejuvenated youngsters with fire in their mission.

                              Our credulity made Political leaders and Actors to think us as their slave. The biggest mistake did by us in erecting banner, Tons of Milk on cutouts, cracking crackers, is they are a despot ? the answer is NO!! then why this kind of rituals there? here I do not disparage those people but it all should be reduced and avoided

The same things follow for fallacious Politicians, we are the main source for their position without our votes they are nothing. so never keep them in boundless position, it’s our rights to ask our requirements no need to be the slave to them.

                          India is a secular country but we people making it as monarch. paving the way to the misleading government with or without our knowledge.

                            [i’m not pointing all actors and politicians]

No religion, No caste and No racism the entire coastline with single slogan #weneedjallikattu
No traffic blockage but most of the pavements are filled with pledge #weneedjallikattu – the voice from IT Employees corroborate the protest in a professional way.

It divulges the coronation humanity along the people. A lot of volunteers provided the food for protesters without any demand from them, there we stand good examples for being human.

Tamil Nadu Assembly unanimously passed an amendment bill for conducting the bull-taming sport without any hindrance.So we got our traditional Game back and we are gobsmacked about it.

Is everything is over? The answer is simply No!!.

Liquor Prohibition !

As like jallikattu one day we going to protest for Banning liquor shop in India and day is not so far, as per recent survey in India at least  15 people a day kicking their bucket.

Tamil Nadu it is heinous that most of women’s are windowed at an age below 30 due to alcoholism dead. I’m not pointing alcohol is grievous to health, but we people need to know how much amount they need to consume alcohol.


As we are migrating to westernization the term alcohol is now common between both genders. however,

                         I’m not an inane to say women should consume alcohol and it’s a Men’s part. But they should aware what’s going around them.

MG Road in Bengaluru witnessed the Mass Molestation during New year eve, it’s all due to over consumption of alcohol. women consuming alcohol may lead to Vulnerability to sexual abuse which is common in nightclubs and bars.

Here I’m  going to articulate about nomadic maverick Women  Ms.Nandhini a Law college student who demanding complete liquor prohibition in Tamil Nadu since 2013 and she has been arrested 58 times under section 151 of CrPC .


Is she is the only person to give the voice for liquor prohibition, why can’t we? because we people started to palatable liquor. some people are in the stage that they can’t live without alcohol.

Leading State of Gujarat, Kerala, Bihar, Nagaland, and Manipur, as well as in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep alcohol prohibition is in the act. then why can’t we?

                      Alcohol prohibition in Tamil Nadu will only be in Election Manifesto of parties until people join their hands with Ms.Nandhini.

Royal salute for Ms.Nandhini for her intrepid protest, she never demanded people to join with her. there she stands as Veera-Tamilachi (Courageous Tamil Girl).

Save Farmers

A lot of times I’m anguished on hearing Farmer commits suicide and wonder how the farmers are still impecunious because they are the producer of major food Items .what’s happening between farmers and government or third party members who used to sell their products.


                         India is an agricultural country where it’s 60% of people directly or indirectly depending on agriculture.

Most of the suicide are recorded in southern part of India. The major reason stating is that financial difficulties due to geographical reason like the disaster, the drought they failed to pay the load amount that results in Suicide.


Tamil Nadu which ranks 3rd in GDP per capita overall where 21% is contributed by agriculture, Government should take proper action like connecting river all over India to make agriculture richer.

Every state now concerns on their agriculture they abandoning giving water to nearby states.

Central Government should be active in this perusal, not like forming the committee which is a formal act and after no response for it.Make a note if the suicide of farmer continues then we need to depend on Foreign products and restaurants.

The same scenario for what we protest for Jallikattu, Farmers are potentate by allowing them to attend suicide we can’t leave peacefully.

           Harmony in farming and happiness in cultivation.let raise voice for farmers.

Tamil Eelam.

Another thing that I’m keened in Liberation of Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka, to witness the ecstatic of Tamil people.

Already by 2013, we protest demanding that India should move resolution against Sri Lanka at the UN’s Human rights body to acknowledge commission of genocide against it’s Tamil Population.

One UN estimate is that 40,000 Tamils died in the final army offensive.


The atrocities by Sri  Lanka government will soon to be disclosed and we Tamil going to embellish the Tamil Eelam  by singing “Eruthu Paar Kodi” National Anthem of Tamil Eelam, waiting for that goosebumps moment, that result from the erection of the hairs in our skin.


Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) may fail today but it will back and my people will lead a happy life one day.

                        One day tigers will break the fence and raise their own flag.

The day when above-mentioned things happen, that day will be the real republic day of India.

Be The Change that you want to see in the world

Thanks for spending your Valuable Time – DhineshAnthology


Happy New Year 2017 – Dhinesh’s Anotholgy


Finally time to cheers ourselves for getting into 2017, happy that our breathing is still Possible. It showing our Aesthetic presence in this world.

We boldly faced the mixed variety of people like noble persons, false friends, backstabbers and we still moving on.

It’s resembling our presence is still needed, something is waiting for our help to move on.

Never start the day the day by thing how to pass the day, Make it useful as much as possible to adhere for achieving your goals.

Never worry about debacle and dearth that may lead you to daunt about life. Hope one day you will hear your name in clamor with appreciation.

Hypocrisy We May has some resolution for this year, a few can’t follow it in the first day it self. But Make sure that our health is most important than wealth.

Life will be very happy until we start to look for money when we tend to be an affluent we start to loose our health, family happiness, and society.

My request is please take care of your health, that is more precious than anything in this world, take care of your Family and spend some time with them to relax and Bring some happiness which your money can’t bring.


Thanks for all my beloved people, those who keep on supporting me to move further.

Be the change, for the change.



Life an horizon between Appropriate and Approximate.

The Term ‘Life’ has a Different opinion, a poet used to acclaim it, an Economist asks us to live as the billionaire and a few don’t have any idea that what’s happening in their life.


From the day of our first breath still now we don’t know the theme purpose of our presence on this earth, we just acquiescing whatever the life ask us to do. Irrespective of Desire, Ambition, and Dream.

On Acumen it, what makes us distract from our DAD (Desire, Ambition, and Dream). It’s because of we need to capitulate for survival, to take care of our family and dependants.

In this arena, our daily goal is to complete the day successfully and we won’t care about our participation in the work we engaged.

We stop ourselves from carousing, hanging out with bestows and starting to daunt on DAD. Typically it’s hard to travel on two boats simultaneously but it doesn’t mean we need to isolate from our DAD. Myth that even a single drop make an ocean.,one day you will be doing a salient role in your passion.


We making the life as a conundrum by own, then blaming the situation for it. Best Solution for everything doesn’t allow anything to get into your head.

Try to avoid deferring your Passion, workout it at least in a minimal range that brings you happiness.

Avoid demeaning yourself to fly high. Relish whatever the work you engaged, you might be slow and it may scathe you but never stop doing that. sure one day it will churn to satisfy excessively.

Life is simple like a song, Rhythm and lyrics change our mindset depend on the song. Alike that take life as a song, we can’t expect every song in the same rhythm. just add a soul to it by name of happiness.

Finally, the life is between appropriate and approximate, never demand it should be the way as you like.

Be happy and make other happy !!!

Be the change you want to see in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for spending your valuable time here.


Make a Start to Succeed-Never Give up



We might come across different scenarios of life, but we feel heartbroken when we come to know that we still need to work hard on things which we pretending that we are proclivity in it .

First of all, we need to understand that, there is no border for learning it’s widespread and heterogeneous with infinite things within it.

We most of our humans are prejudice in their own actions. they are malleable by the society, for them independence is still a great dream. if society pretends him to be at a certain position then he starts to work on it.


It’s a kind of mandate, succeeding on it just give a pleasure for a while. On reading it some will placate it’s a kind of Maudlin and a duty for their beloved ones . According to me, it’s mendacious, one should be abet and mavericks in their goals not on prejudice.

It’s become a circle of status some might think it’s a not such a Matter to think about it, but if we took a deep horizon we will come to know that our way of parenting too a kind of prejudice only.

Foreign parenting style aggregately different from our Indian Parenting style .

Make a life by your own ,don’t depend on us –  foreign Parents

Just do What we are saying it’s good for your life – Indian parents


On testimonial by having above articulation never conclude that I’m in anxiety about how I parented but holy moly partially a kind of my agony.

if you are the one who still blaming our Indian monarchy for bribing and for all curse, have one one thing don’t wait for the change be the change that you want !! it’s too part of our parenting .

Acceding that we might Gazed lot of Motivational writes from prominent philosophers , questioning that how many get motivated and followed it entirely?

A long silence !!! Answer is great no, Only positive attitude minded people will go through those motivational words because of their forbearance and incisive. Low esteemed people can’t get those lines, for those, it’s just a line without a soul in it.

We passing a day along with lot of boisterous dreams, camaraderie relationships a single train journey make us meet a wide diversity of peoples in our life ,there we come to know our living circle is diminutive .if we give talk our co-passenger in our journey we will come to know everyone has their own dream and have the aim to achieve it .


Until they make a start towards their dreams it would like to be a mirage , we might think soon we will achieve it but it like catching our own shadow. as long as we go wit will come with us only.

Getting strong towards our goal or passion is not a facile one, Must go through some hard steps for the victory. As per my knowledge to become an eminent writer , he should study a lot of books in his arena that makes him know how to astute his words.

On reading this blog some think nothing is new in it , but I made it for my sanctification to share my views about life .Today’s struggle will make us strength tomorrow.


                            Real happiness lies in self-satisfaction 

Don’t make the life Hectic by comparing with others standard of lives. If one come to know that he still need to work on his arena , start to work on it without giving up. One day he will shine like the sun .

Never Giving up and making an initial start towards our passion and goal is the only way to succeed in one’s life. our jobs are just to fill our pockets but passion gives adventure in our life.

                                                  Thank you !! All The Best  !!







Einstein An Immortal Scientist

Gravitational waves :

Got wondered when my ear heard the epic that’s Einstein  General Theory of relativity is proved , by intermediate 1905 he determined his special theory of relativity , that’s “law of physics are the same for all non-accelerating observers, and that the speed of light in a vacuum was independent of the motion of all observer ”

simply we can put in this way   speed=Distance/time ,  when we are in motion the object get released from us get an additional speed .That’s speed of our motion and force we throw the object .he also pointed out speed of light are within a vacuum is the same no matter the speed at which an observer travels. As a result, he found that space and time were interwoven into a single continuum known as space-time.

In  1915 he finally he predicted massive objects caused a distortion in space-time unfortunately he was unable to prove at that time  .

on  February 11,2016 his prediction over gravitational wave was experimentally proved by Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO). a black holes pair which a like earth is going around the sun as they losing the energy due to radiation of gravitational waves , that pair joins together and result in a single hole. it’s an initiative for the presence of gravitational force in space.


Gravitational waves 

So what the gravitational force makes , yes it’s result in ripple in space-time .by using  a mirror at two different location , a laser light is passed through it , when it gets reflected from the mirror of two different places , resultant beam had found it’s rippled and compressed .


A preview of Experiment 

                                His appease finally proved, proposal of 20th century was proved in 21st century. What a Man Einstein was , at that era there no technical development without any of the experiment he pointed out the presence of gravitational waves   , we took 100 years to prove his theory with all technical aspect . his quote “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”,miracles are done by person like us, but the importance and innovation to the development given by the person like me were less .

Damn sure, he laughed out on seeing this from heaven , a century for moving next step of a theory .Development should be integrated  in all aspects not only on commercial way.

Kudos  for Albert Einstein for his involvement in physics, a father of creativity . hoping that I too do something for this world , don’t know whether  its end on hypocrisy .

  creativity is intelligence having fun   

– Dhinesh Pazanisamy