Acclaiming Gentle Women

Adorn to Adroit women

who starts to care us from her womb,  and till my pulse level falls to zero.

she accompanies us with different avatars as a

Mother who appease our needs and showing a path filled with happiness

  •   A bestowed conciliatory  who consider we as an asylum for them
  •   A Spouse who trust us by giving a marital relationship and spending her life for  a welfare and developing a family.

The journey of the women won’t come to end, it’s the circle of goodness. I’m wondering how those religiosity has given to women.

Nowadays women are there to espouse, empowerment glittering in all fields. we can find a  woman from construction labour to CEO of a company. perhaps without them, the world may fallacious to heterogeneous.

Man and women should have equal rights and opportunity

“women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world,” told running president of united states for 2016 president election Mrs.Hillary Clinton  one of my favourite politicians.


Time to pay  serenity to my idolatrous Mother, sister and friends, who supported me in all my situation, affection from women is impeccable. Great salute for your Deserve.

Wishing  “A New day comes with new strength and new thoughts” to all My Holiness women.

According to me,

“women are imperative, they are innovators, they are mutable for a reason,  placid for a cause.”- Dhinesh Pazanisamy


Happy Women’s Day  to all my admire.